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Suzuka Cervical IBF Inter-body Fusion System


Altus Spine, a leader in the development and innovation of medical devices used in spinal correction surgery, announces the FDA clearance of the Suzuka Cervical IBF Inter- – body Fusion (IBF) System. The Suzuka Cervical IBF System is designed to be implanted in the cervical spine to aid in the stability and support of vertebral bodies during fusion.
The Suzuka Cervical IBF System is a comprehensive cervical IBF system that includes both PEEK and Titani- um implants in three di erent footprints with common supporting instrumentation. Introducing Altus – Spine’s MicroLOCTM technology, the Suzuka Titanium IBF implants incorporate the latest combination of macro- and micro-endplate surface texture design. MicroLOCTM surface technology results in a proprietary, porous grip surface intended to provide an optimal environment for initial bone growth while minimizing the potential for implant migration.
“The new Suzuka Ti represents the next generation of cervical implants o ered by Altus,” states Dr. Danny Liang, Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at University of Maryland Medical System. “With its clean design, large graft volume, good radiological pro le, and various size o erings, it provides a top-notch alternative to those looking for non-PEEK Interbody strut grafts.”
“The development of the Suzuka Cervical IBF system was in response to surgeon requests for a cervical IBF system that gives them comprehensive options in one simple system. The advanced MicroLOCTM surface technology incorporated into the Suzuka IBF implant gives surgeons a great option for addressing their patients’ needs,” says Michael Fitzgerald, CEO and President of Altus Spine. “The Suzuka implant is the rst cervical IBF implant to employ MicroLOCTM surface technology.”
The Suzuka Cervical IBF System was created through the concentrated e orts of surgeons, engineers, and machinists to deliver the most advanced and cost e ective implant system possible. Its release follows the recent market release of the Fuji Cervical Plate System. Together they make an unbeatable combination!

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