Precisely Screwed Acero the video


In early March, we announced that Acero Precision’s team of engineers, ‘Precisely Screwed,’ competed and took home gold in the 2012 WMMR Cardboard Classic.  This local competition tests the engineering skills (and patience) of everyday civilians, asking them to create a sled made entirely out of cardboard, glue, string and tape.  These homemade creations were raced down the slopes of Jackfrost, a local ski slope, with one team emerging as the first place winner.

WMMR’s Preston and Steve aired live through out the day to bring its viewers up-to-the-minute, live coverage.  Also on site was the stations’ video crew who recorded the momentous moment when Precisely Screwed and its the 24’ Rocky-themed statue swayed and sped down the mountain that infamous Friday morning.

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