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Teledyne ODI Honors Acero Precision as a Key Supplier

Newtown Square, PA- – 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the ocean, a Teledyne ODI cable serves as a crucial lifeline between an oil rig and the distant shore, expected to operate flawlessly in one of the planet’s most unforgiving environments. Contending with crushing pressure, corrosive ocean water, and unrelenting cold, every seal and connection in the miles-long cable must be absolutely perfect.

For Teledyne ODI, success at the bottom of the ocean begins on dry land, with a network of trusted suppliers- including Acero Precision- forming the first link in every cable they produce. On November 14, Teledyne ODI recognized the few suppliers that have gone beyond their call for total perfection, naming Acero Precision Best in Manufacturing.

Of the 48 key suppliers, 12 machine shops were within the range of consideration [for the award] said Nina Cardino, Director of Procurement & Strategic Sourcing at Teledyne ODI, in an email illustrating the size of Acero’s competition.

The qualifications for the award are stringent, with a combination of quantitative data and qualitative assessments used to rank each supplier by both the excellence of their product, and their ability to keep pace with Teledyne’s constantly changing needs.

The subjective criteria is based on the Supplier/Buyer relationship regarding responsiveness, flexibility, and collaboration said Cardino, noting that Acero Precision’s ability to consistently deliver parts within limited timeframes was a factor in its selection for the award.

Key components that Acero provides are the stopper assemblies, latch fingers and solder pots [for undersea cable connectors] Cardino said, These are the mature components referring to parts that are a fully developed part of Teledyne and Acero’s supply chains.

However, being able to manufacture fully-developed parts is not enough: Teledyne ODI also relies on suppliers like Acero Precision to provide technical expertise and collaboration on new development projects and limited quantity, specialized components.

Michael Fitzgerald, President and CEO of Acero Precision, accepted the award on behalf of his company, attributing the victory to the hard work and dedication of his employees.

Teledyne ODI, a subsidiary of Teledyne Oil and Gas, designs and manufactures both power and data cables and connectors for undersea applications, often working with the petroleum and defense industries. The company is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida and has operations around the world.

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