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Acero Precision Supports Community Backstop at Texas Hold’em Night!


On the evening of April 19th, 2018, employees of Acero Precision came out in spades to the Aronimink Golf Club for a night of Texas Hold’Em benefitting Community Backstop.

Acero President and CEO Michael Fitzgerald is a board member for the charity. Seeking new opportunities to get involved locally, he found Community Backstop an excellent way to make a direct impact in Delaware County.

Community Backstop, founded by Andrew Panzo, Todd Pittman and Michael Bailey in 2005, was created on the principle of taking charitable contributions from the community and distributing them to individuals and families encountering life-altering circumstances. The board personally reviews each case, allowing them to provide immediate assistance to as many people as possible.

In the last year, Community Backstop has raised over $115,000 for over 40 families, and over $1,000,000 for nearly 500 families since its founding. One-hundred percent of the money they raise goes directly to the beneficiaries. “We raise money through the community, for the community,” said Andrew Panzo, Co-Founder of Community Backstop.

This Texas Hold’Em Tournament is Community Backstop’s largest event of the year, with over 300 people in attendance this year. Acero Precision sponsored one table at the event, with employees filling every seat – eager to show their support for this incredible organization. Employee Chris Prince came out on top by the end of the
night, winning an Acero-sponsored prize; however the entire team left with a sense of accomplishment. Acero Precision looks forward to returning in force next year for another night of giving back to the community.

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