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Acero Precision Brings Over 30 New Jobs to the West Chester Area


West Chester, PA – Acero Precision, precision manufacturing company, is bringing over 30 open positions to the manufacturing industry to West Chester, PA!

Acero Precision, manufacturers of the highest quality precision medical devices, analytical medical equipment, and components for NASCAR and Formula 1 Racing teams, is expanding its machinist workforce by over 30 positions.

Under Founder and CEO Michael Fitzgerald, the Acero team is currently retooling its 80,000 square foot, state of the art production facility in West Chester, PA, to accommodate future production and customer needs.

Acero is actively looking to fill all shifts in the 24/7 run CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machinist departments, offering very enticing shift benefits:

1st Shift: Premium hourly rate

2nd Shift: Premium hourly rate plus 15% on top of base pay

3rd Shift: Premium hourly rate plus 30% on top of base pay

In addition, Acero is offering additional benefits for weekend hours in the machining departments.

“We look at this expansion as a great opportunity to hire and bring new talent to our facility and community,” said CEO and President Michael Fitzgerald, “With expansions to our facility, along with a range of new clients and production needs, our team is so excited to be able to bring on a new wave of machinist staff to increase production.”

Acero Precision’s facility houses many high performance Star, Swiss, and Mazak CNC machines while offering a full spectrum of on-site capabilities, including: passivation, finishing and cleaning, and micro surface blasting technologies.

Acero Precision is inviting everyone interested or with further questions to reach out to info@aceroprecision.com or 484-653-0259. You can also head to aceroprecision.com under the ‘careers’ tab to apply to current open positions.

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