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Acero Precision Attends Penske Machining & Technology Summit


One of the greatest perks of working in manufacturing is witnessing technological advancement as it happens, and that’s what Acero Precision employees did at the Penske Machining and Technology Summit on April 18th and 19th at the Team Penske Headquarters in North Carolina.
Machinists Mike Mannion, Keith Stewart, and Andrew Baugus were each selected to be representatives of Acero at this summit. During the summit, they saw presentations from Penske, Keiser, and Mazak, covering topics spanning from new developments in manufacturing technology to the many applications of CNC machining. They also participated in a tour of the facility, and had the opportunity to see a live demonstration of a Penske racecar pit stop.
“[It was] really cool to see how they operate,” said Keith Stewart. After visiting the Penske facility, he could see why Acero Precision CEO Michael Fitzgerald maintains the Acero facility the way he does: organized, uniform, and pristine from the clothes employees wear to the machines they work on. This environment is key to success.
This Penske Machining and Technology summit was a great opportunity to see the range of possibility in the machining industry and to witness CNC machined parts at work. Most importantly, it keeps Acero in-tune to advancements in the industry as it continues to define the future of manufacturing technology.

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