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30 Years On The Job! Acero Precision Fetes Elwyn Grad, Tech For 3 Decades With Firm


It’s the rare worker these days that stays with the same employer for more than 30 years. Ken Goldsborough is an exception. He has worked at Acero Precision since 1988, and after all those years still comes to work with a smile on his face. The building maintenance technician is a graduate of Elwyn Institute.

Administrative Assistant Mackenzie Lynch said that getting a big “Hi!” from Goldsborough is the highlight of her day. “He never forgets a name,” Lynch said of her co-worker, adding “sweet of him” after a day off to say he missed his fellow employee.

During perfect spring weather, Goldsborough was saluted by about 120 fellow employees during a Thursday afternoon picnic held in his honor. There was a huge cake adorned with his photo, and Goldsborough received a trophy and sizable check.

Company owner Michael Fitzgerald talked about how Goldsborough started off on machines and worked his way up. “I worked one-on-one with him on the machines, and he was always eager to learn more, eventually moving up,” Fitzgerald said. “Ken’s ability to get his work done, and keep his work area looking perfect at all times, naturally evolved into a new role for him as building maintenance technician.

“He brings a smile to the face of everyone. Through his positive attitude, daily greetings and kind words, he inspires us all every day.”

Director of Human Capital Joanne Fitzgerald said the veteran employee is an inspiration to everyone. “He’s happy to contribute and be part of a team,” Fitzgerald said.

Michael Fitzgerald talked about when Goldsborough was away.“When he took a week’s vacation we knew all that he was doing because it didn’t get done.” he said. “Ken never has a bad day.”

Acero Precision has been located on Enterprise Drive for about five years since a move from Newtown Square.

The firm specializes in precision manufacturing of medical equipment, including spinal implants. Acero produces light industrial products and works on race car parts in a high-tech laboratory.


Courtesy Of Daily Local News, Written By Bill Rettew.

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