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American manufacturers are struggling to keep it 'made-in-America.' Click here for a list of our open positions and browse below to see if you will answer America's call to keep manufacturing on U.S. soil.

Fact, the mass retirement of baby-boom-generation workers will create a need for 10 million skilled manufacturing employees between 2012 and 2020. Faced with a lack of qualified job applicants, manufacturers are losing their ability to maintain production levels. With the strong demand for machinists, engineers and craft workers ... why is it so hard to recruit new talent?

Fact, today's high schools, community colleges and university graduates do not have relevant manufacturing employment exposure, in large part, due to the post USA manufacturing exodus.

The time to act is now. Today's manufacturers must provide a disciplined regime of tracking and training today's graduates, along with returning military service men and women, and encourage the new work force to enter the new high technology world of manufacturing.

To maintain its productivity, Acero Precision has developed several in-house training programs designed to fast track new and existing employees. These initiatives include online training software, continuing education and training courses and apprenticeship opportunities. Additionally, Acero Precision is scheduled to move to a larger facility in 2013, creating an immediate need for 30-40 new positions.

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